Delaney Family

Life doesn’t always go as planned. The year 2001 was one that held a few unplanned moments. The Delaney family welcomed our sixth child in March. We watched in stunned shock with the rest of the country as commercial planes flew into the twin towers. And in November our three-year-old Adam was diagnosed with leukemia.

There are always moments that will stick with you. Hearing your child has leukemia is one of them. You are rocked. You are crushed. You have no plan. And then you start figuring things out. Treatment. Support. Putting one foot in front of the other to get through it all.

That is how we became involved with The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan (BCFM). Their mission is to support and surround families like ours. They not only connect with you and your child, but with your entire family. They help you in forming a plan. They share resources, support services, and most importantly, they remind you that, you are not alone. When Adam was diagnosed and given a 130 week protocol by the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in November of 2001, we had no idea how we would manage the upcoming holidays. Children’s Hospital got to work on Adam and BCFM stepped in and brought us hope.

Today, Adam just finished his sophomore year at the University of Loyola Chicago and he is planning to study abroad in 2019. Adam learned how to depend on hope. We all did.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, that is why I believe in hope. Help us support all families that have to bear this burden. Help BCFM share hope.

Hope Rocks!!

Lorri and Carson Delaney

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