The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan serves the public interest through its mission based delivery of support and assistance to individuals and families living with blood cancer, and plays an essential role in our society and economy. Our work strengthens the communities in Michigan and enriches the lives of residents through customized care plans that help families to maintain stability throughout their treatment period, and beyond as needed.

Public investment and confidence drive the success of our organization. Individuals, corporations, foundations, and national / local government add value to our services and rely on us to help maintain individuals in society, corporate cohesiveness and community structure. The investment of time, resources and funds ensures the delivery of our mission.

Trust in our services, operations and staff are our priority in daily operations and long term strategic thinking. Staff, volunteers and members of The BCFM Board of Directors are expected to operate with the highest level of integrity while representing the organization externally and while engaging with the organization internally.

As such, the following is our guiding Code of Ethics: