Every 90 minutes someone in Michigan is told they have blood cancer, which equates to 6,000 new diagnoses in the state each year. Whether it’s an adult or a child, a diagnosis of lymphoma, leukemia, multiple myeloma or any other blood-related disease creates a sudden, seismic shift in the course of one’s life. And not just the patient’s – the impact is felt by the entire family.

By fundraising for The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan (BCFM), you’re elevating patients’ and families’ abilities to cope and heal throughout their experiences with blood cancer.

Whether you organize a 5k walk/run or a birthday fundraiser, you’re helping us provide each individual that turns to us with the support, resources, and information they need to sustain themselves – emotionally and practically – from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Every dollar you raise makes an IMMEDIATE difference in the lives of patients and families affected by blood cancer!

What is a Community Fundraising Event?

A community fundraising event is an event hosted independently by an individual or organization in the community with proceeds benefitting The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan (BCFM). Download the Community Fundraising Toolkit for more information.

Create a Community Fundraising Event

Please fill out and submit a community fundraising event submission form. You can either print the document at the end of the Community Fundraising Toolkit and fax or email it to ALeWalk@BloodCancerFoundationMI.org, or submit the form below. This will give our staff the information we need to best support your activities and help you be successful, as well as add your event to the BCFM master Calendar of Events published on our website. Once the form is submitted, you can expect a follow-up phone call from our community fundraising contact.

  • Please provide a brief description of the event and any details you would like included.
    Please note: BCFM can provide a raffle license.