Oakland Press (3/1/21): Blood Cancer Foundation raises money for local residents living with Multiple Myeloma

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan, based in Farmington Hills, holds the Unite in Support and Caring campaign throughout March in honor of Multiple Myeloma Awareness and Action Month.

Multiple myeloma patients make up a large population of blood cancer patients supported by the nonprofit organization. It’s an incurable cancer formed by malignant plasma cells accumulating in the bone marrow, causing possible damage to the bones, immune system, kidneys and red blood cell count.

Due to COVID-19, these patients are facing even greater barriers to treatment and diagnosis, creating an urgent and increased need for resources and support as they navigate this chronic disease during a pandemic.

“Though many will go through periods of remission, our multiple myeloma patients are dealing with heavy anxiety and fear over the fact they’ll eventually relapse, or their cancer will stop responding to treatment,” said Melissa Antoncic, Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan’s director of patient support.

“Most lack information about their illness and the potential impact it will continue to have on their daily lives. And, because treatment regimens tend to combine three or more expensive new drugs, the cost is very high, often leaving patients to choose between paying for treatment or buying necessities like groceries for their families.”

Every $1,000 raised this month will provide support and resources, such as direct financial assistance, for one family facing multiple myeloma over the span of one year – helping remove the barriers that this chronic illness brings.

"To help families find their way forward, BCFM supports their emotional, social and financial wellness for as long as it is needed – whether months, years or decades,” said Antoncic.

Molly Peterson of Northville is one of many multiple myeloma patients served by the foundation. Both Molly and her husband Leo were diagnosed with blood cancer in the same year.

"Multiple myeloma takes up a huge space in my life. I'm constantly coping with the fact that my disease is chronic and something I'll always need to manage," said Molly.

"This has been a very difficult year for us with so many worries about the virus and being at such high risk. BCFM is a resource for people with blood cancers specifically, which is so needed because, with the complexities of these diseases, comes a special set of issues. BCFM looks at all the different ways blood cancer can impact you and is there in concrete ways to help."

To contribute to the Unite in Support and Caring campaign, visit BloodCancerFoundationMI.org.

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Photo courtesy of the Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan. Molly Peterson of Northville is one of many multiple myeloma patients served by the Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan. Both she and her husband Leo were diagnosed with blood cancer in the same year. 


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