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All donations to this special tribute will fund patient programs and be used to further the work of The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan. Virtual commemorative bricks are still available. For more information, or to purchase a brick, please contact us at 800.825.2536.

70th Anniversary Celebration Wall

Ms. Susan Kholer

Ms. Patty Warner

Ms. Diana Mohyi

Ms. Cartier Zori

Ms. Abby Pook

Mrs. Kristen Palazeti

Mrs. Heidi L. Grix

Mrs. and Mr. Margie Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fulton and Tameka Lewis

Mr. William Royce

Mr. Richard Button

Mr. Nathan Wright

Mr. Matthew Lenhardt

Mr. Jason Thomas Curtis

Mr. Gary Dembs

Mr. Eric Nathan Dresden

Mr. Edward Doyle

Mr. Edgar A Williams

Mr. David Sicheneder

Mr. Daniel Layman

Mr. Daniel Best

Mr. Bradley Phillip Evans

Mr. Ben Riggan

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Max E Scott

Mr. Eric Bell

Matthew Brown

Kalas Kadian, PLC

Hour Media

Dr. and Mr. Gowans

Dr. Gerald Moore

Barazsu & Cross, P.C.

Mrs. D’Ann Crawford

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Cervone


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Cavazos

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stein

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sommerville

The Sobeck Family

The Chicken Shack

Mr. David Smith

Mr. Daniel Sanberg

Ms. Claudia Rast

Mrs. Jennifer Doctor

Tedder Whitlock Consulting

Midwest Management Group

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Main Jr.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Cheryl Leith

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. LPA

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Debra Berline

Win Schuler Foods

Insignia Financial

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gonzalez

The Chuck and Sharon Fast Family

Meade Lexus

Basic Rubber and the Smith Family

The Rodger and Kate Graef Family Foundation

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